Friday, March 23, 2012

So, here I am...

In Spain. :O

I made it through the tedious flights, through the manic bustle of Dubai airport, chatted to the customs guy IN SPANISH (until he got all creative and wanted to talk about something other than how we both were! :D ), managed to get myself to the hotel after no one at the airport had a sign with my name on it, and even had a PROPER conversation with the cab driver, about where we're going on the tour, how long we're staying, my religious affiliations (LOL!), and all the places I HAVE to see.  I'm SO glad I did this by myself!  I did it!!  And even if things somehow turn out to be dire at some stage, I know I can work something out.  *sunshine*

Checking in was easy, though I almost ended up making a new friend - they had me rooming with 'Stella', not JM.  Good to know I have options if it turns out he snores really loud.  :D  The room is nice, the shower is fantastic, and the room service gazpacho at 9.30pm was heavenly.  Sleeping, not so much - I crashed when I first arrived, after the aforementioned fantastic shower, had some dinner, worked out how to buy 'free' wifi for the room, confirmed with loved ones that I hadn't died yet, and then dozed on and off till breakfast.  

I'm wide awake and ready to go, after a chocolate pastry and caffe latte.  And I've already found a purple secondhand phone that I must have!  :D  And a phone place for prepaid SIMs right next door!  Again, all by myself!!  *sunshine*

Really, the only thing that can dampen all this positivity is if JM turns out to be an annoying jerk, and the odds of that happening are, well... idk, really small, he can prolly calculate them when he arrives.  :D

So, here I am.  In Spain.



  1. I'm concerned that you haven't been open and honest with JM about your snoring!

  2. I imagine you both being so tired that you'll be completely out anyways.

    Glad you made it, and so proud that you've done so well!