Friday, April 13, 2012

And all the in-between - Madrid

I love how I managed to skip over ALL of the trip and just cut straight to the chase!  :D  Here's what happened and didn't get talked about till I had some TIME and FREE WIFI!

Madrid - gorgeous city, and I thought my favourite, until Barcelona.  This was a whole heap of firsts for me, a new country by myself, a new language, new currency, different foods, a new (but not) friend, a guided tour, and so many churches!

My favourite food experience of the whole trip was in Madrid, at Mercado San Miguel - an entire market that changed from your typical gourmet food providore arrangment, to a giant bar/restaurant with no tables and LOTS of different options!  We had octopus, Iberico ham from the famous black pigs, tiny rolls with gourmet sausages, enough sangria to float a boat, empanadas and OMG, such yummy chocolates!

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